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3.4.3. Options

-b directory, --blogdir directory
Allows you to specify a directory in which the BlazeBlogger repository is placed. The default option is a current working directory.
-E editor, --editor editor
Allows you to specify an external text editor. When supplied, this option overrides the relevant configuration option.
-p, --page
Tells blaze-edit to edit a page or pages.
-P, --post
Tells blaze-edit to edit a blog post or blog posts. This is the default option.
-f, --force
Tells blaze-edit to create an empty source file in case it does not already exist. If the core.processor option is enabled, this file is used as the input to be processed by the selected application.
-C, --no-processor
Disables processing a blog post or page with an external application.
-q, --quiet
Disables displaying of unnecessary messages.
-V, --verbose
Enables displaying of all messages. This is the default option.
-h, --help
Displays usage information and exits.
-v, --version
Displays version information and exits.