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2.2.6. Changing a Blog Language

To use a non-English translation of a blog, copy an appropriate language file to the .blaze/lang/ directory, and configure the blog to use this translation:
blaze-config blog.lang language_code
The changes will take effect the next time you run the blaze-make command.
Example 2.8. Using the Basque Translation
When installing BlazeBlogger on Linux, UNIX, and similar operating systems from the source code, by default, all available language files are copied to the /usr/local/share/blazeblogger/lang/ directory. On such system, you can change the translation of your blog to the Basque language by running the following commands:
public_html]$ cp /usr/local/share/blazeblogger/lang/eu_ES .blaze/lang/
public_html]$ blaze-config blog.lang eu_ES
The option has been successfully saved.