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2.9. Displaying a Log

For the possibility of a future review, BlazeBlogger keeps track of all significant changes to the blog, including its initialization and recovery, addition of new content, changes to existing blog posts and pages, and their removal.


Since version 0.9.0, BlazeBlogger allows you to enable a colored output for some of its utilites. To enable this feature for blaze-log, use the following command:
blaze-config color.log true
To display the complete history of the blog, type the following at a shell prompt:
By default, log entries are sorted from the newest to oldest, so that the latest change is listed at the top. If you prefer the reverse order, use the --reverse (or -r) command line option:
blaze-log -r
Finally, to display only a limited number of log entries, specify the --number (or -n) command line option:
blaze-log -n number
For a complete list of available command line options, refer to Section 3.8, “blaze-log.
Example 2.16. Identifying the Last Change to a Blog
To display only the last change to a blog, type the following at a shell prompt:
public_html]$ blaze-log -n 1
Date: Sun Jul 25 16:48:22 2010

    Edited the page with ID 5.