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2.8. Generating a Blog

To generate a complete directory tree of static pages with all blog posts, single pages, monthly and yearly archives, tags, and an RSS feed, run the following command:
Unless told otherwise, BlazeBlogger generates the blog in the current working directory. To use a different location, specify the --destdir (or -d) command line option:
blaze-make -d directory
To display the list of files as they are created, use --verbose (or -V) command line option:
blaze-make -V
For a complete list of available command line options, refer to Section 3.7, “blaze-make.


If you intend your blog to be accessed offline, for example, if you want to review it before you publish it on your website, use the --full-paths (or -F) option:
blaze-make -F
This option ensures that all generated links point directly to index pages, and not to their parent directories. Additionally, you can turn off the creation of the RSS feed as well. To do so, add the --no-rss (or -r) option:
blaze-make -Fr
Example 2.15. Generating a Blog Preview
To generate a preview of your blog with a list of created files written to standard output, type the following at a shell prompt:
public_html]$ blaze-make -VF
Created index.rss
Created index.html
Created index1.html
Created 2010/10/index.html
Created 2010/07/11-join-blazeblogger-on-irc/index.html
Created 2009/12/10-debian-and-fedora-packages/index.html
Created 2009/index.html
Created 2010/07/index.html