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2.5. Removing a Blog Post or a Page

To delete a blog post from your blog, run the blaze-remove command followed by an appropriate identification number:
blaze-remove id
To delete a page, add the --page (or -p) command line option:
blaze-remove -p id
For a complete list of available command line options, refer to Section 3.5, “blaze-remove.


Be careful when using this command, as there is no easy way to take this action back. To prevent an accidental loss of potentially valuable data, run the command in the interactive mode by supplying the --interactive (or -i) option:
blaze-remove -i id
Example 2.12. Removing a Blog Post Safely
Interactive mode gives you one last chance to ensure you are deleting a correct blog entry. To initiate the removal of a blog post with id 10 and then abort it, type the following at a shell prompt:
public_html]$ blaze-remove -i 10
Remove the post with ID 10 titled `Debian and Fedora Packages'? n