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2.6. Displaying Blog Statistics

To display detailed information about blog statistics, including the total number of blog posts and pages, the date of the very first blog post, and the date of the latest published post, use the blaze-list with the --stats (or -S) command line option:
blaze-list -S
You can also display the short version of the above output by supplying the --short (or -s) command line option as well:
blaze-list -Ss
Example 2.13. Displaying Blog Statistics
To display detailed blog statistics, type the following at a shell prompt:
public_html]$ blaze-list -S
Number of pages: 5
Number of posts: 11
Last post date:  2010-07-25
First post date: 2009-02-10
To display the same information on a single line, type:
public_html]$ blaze-list -Ss
There is a total number of 11 blog posts and 5 pages in the repository.