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2.7. Listing Blog Posts or Pages

To make the management of blog posts and pages easier, BlazeBlogger is shipped with the blaze-list utility that allows you to display the content of a blog. This includes the important information such as the identification number, date of publishing, title, and attached tags.


Since version 0.9.0, BlazeBlogger allows you to enable a colored output for some of its utilities. To enable this feature for blaze-list, use the following command:
blaze-config color.list true
To display all featured blog posts, type the following at a shell prompt:
Similarly, to display a complete list of available pages, add the --pages (or -p) command line option:
blaze-list -p
By default, the latest entries are listed first, and in most cases, this is a reasonable behavior. However, to change the sorting order and display the latest entries last, use the --reverse (or -r) option:
blaze-list -r
You can also limit the number of listed entries by specifying the --number (or -n) option.
blaze-list -n number
Additionally, you can limit the output by specifying a blog post author (--author or -a), a tag (--tag or -T), a matching title (--title or -T), a date of publishing, and other criteria.
For a complete list of available command line options, refer to Section 3.6, “blaze-list.
Example 2.14. Identifying the Very First Blog Post
To display only the information about the first blog post, type the following at a shell prompt:
public_html]$ blaze-list -n 1 -r
ID: 1 | 2009-02-10 | Jaromír Hradílek

    Title: BlazeBlogger 0.7.0
    Tags:  release