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Part I. Introduction

Table of Contents

1. Installation
1.1. Installing on GNU/Linux
1.1.1. Installing on Arch Linux
1.1.2. Installing on Debian
1.1.3. Installing on Fedora
1.1.4. Installing on Gentoo
1.1.5. Installing on Ubuntu
1.2. Installing on Windows
1.3. Installing from the Source Code
2. Getting Started
2.1. Creating a New Blog
2.2. Configuring a Blog
2.2.1. General Blog Settings
2.2.2. Configuring an RSS Feed
2.2.3. Changing a Blog Title
2.2.4. Changing a Blog Metadata
2.2.5. Changing a Blog Author
2.2.6. Changing a Blog Language
2.2.7. Changing a Blog Theme
2.3. Adding a Blog Post or a Page
2.4. Editing a Blog Post or a Page
2.5. Removing a Blog Post or a Page
2.6. Displaying Blog Statistics
2.7. Listing Blog Posts or Pages
2.8. Generating a Blog
2.9. Displaying a Log